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Deck Pro®
for hidden fastening

With Deck Pro® tool and hidden screws, you can easily achieve a professional and barefoot-friendly result without visible screws!

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Unique system solution

With a Deck Pro® mounting tool from NKT Fasteners, you only need one decking tool, regardless of the board width. Easily adjust the distance between the boards from 3-7,5 mm with the supplied spacers. An extra bit is included.

Unique adjustment function

The only tool on the market that can can be adapted to all common decking boards 85mm to 150mm.

Robust and stable

Strong construction, which stands stable against the boards. Carefully tested to be able to withstand at least 100 kg of direct load - compare and you will feel the difference!

Easy to work with

The screw bites quickly and the included bits automatically stop at the correct depth. Built-in spacers help you determine the correct distance between the boards for an even result.

Screws and material types

The Deck Pro® screw has a dimension of 4.5x60 mm and is available in two different versions. TX Stick fit high precision recess – A patented TX recess ensures the perfect fit between the bit and screw, transferring maximum power. Deck Pro® screws are developed together with the tool and ensures maximum mounting force for a sustainable result. Developed for board thicknesses of 18-34 mm

Deck Pro® Outdoor Screw

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High-quality surface treatment in the C4 class and hardened quality steel - ensures long durability.

Deck Pro® Stainless Screw

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High-quality acid-resistant stainless A4 steel. The screw resists rust in even the most severely exposed environments, e.g. coastal areas.


decking screws.

Deck Pro Guide

Deck Pro®

Download our Deck Pro® guide to read more about our decking tool and screws for hidden decking installation. 


The tool is specially developed with focus on ergonomics and efficiency and fits all board widths.The tool is specially developed with focus on ergonomics and efficiency and fits all board widths. The robust construction and large bottom surface makes the tool stable against the board and gives you an extra hand when mounting.

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Adjust distance

Set the desired distance between the terrace boards from 3-7.5 mm

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Customize width

Fits terrace boards from 85 mm to 150 mm in width

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Place on the board

Squeeze the handle, place and release to grab the board

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The tool works as a helping hand when the screw needs to be installed

  • What board width does the Deck Pro tool work for?
    Deck Pro fits all standard board widths on the market, the same tool fits boards from 85-150 mm in width. For boards over 150 mm in width, 3 attachment points are generally recommended, where we instead recommend a top-mounted solution.
  • What board thicknesses can be used when mounting Deck Pro screws?
    Deck Pro screws have the dimension 4.5x60 and fit all boards from 18-34 mm in thickness. However, it may not be installed in hardwood or other types of exotic wood-types.
  • Can I use Deck Pro on hardwood?
    No, Deck Pro is recommended for most types of wood, but not for hard wood. When building decks with hard wood, you should instead use one of our top-mounted decking screws with a thickness of at least 5 mm, such as Deck+ HE or SPUN+ SUH.
  • How does hidden montage work? Can you see the screw holes?
    When mounting your screws with the Deck Pro tool, the placement of the screw is optimized to be as far down on the edge as possible, without compromising with the strength and durability of the installation. If you look closely at an individually mounted screw you will be able to get a glimpse of the screw hole. However, if you look at the decking from a normal distance the impression is that the screws are "invisible".
  • Is there a risk of water seeping into the wood where the screws are mounted?
    The Deck Pro screw is developed with a cylindrical head that closes the hole during installation, this will prevent water from penetrating into the wood.
  • How do I mount in angles where the tool cannot be used?
    The screw has a reduced drill tip that provides a quick start in tricky angles, this means that the screw can be installed without the tool if needed.
  • How big is the distance between the boards?
    When buying the Deck Pro tool, distance blocks are included that allows the distance between the boards to be adjusted, from 3 mm up to 7.5 mm. The tool comes pre-mounted with a 6 mm distance in accordance with building standards but can easily be changed if a different distance is desired.
  • Which screws fits the Deck Pro tool?
    The Deck Pro is a system solution where screws and bits that are specially developed with the tool. Generally, other hidden screws on the market have too large heads and will therefore not fit our tool. However, our Deck Pro screw works well with other tools on the market as well.
  • How is the Deck Pro different from other tools on the market?
    The Deck Pro tool has a unique adjustment function which means that one and the same tool can be easily adapted to all common deck widths on the market, from 85-150 mm. Other tools on the market today require two different tools, one for thinner and one for wider boards. The Deck pro handle is developed with a focus on optimization and ergonomics and can withstand up to 100 kg of direct load. Many also feel that the Deck Pro is more stable and stands more stable against the board.
  • Why is the minimum distance 3 mm?
    General building standards recommend 6 mm distance between each decking board, taking into account that the wood can expand or contract up to 5 mm depending on current prevailing humidity. To avoid larger gaps in the wood when mounting in damp conditions, Deck Pro is possible to adapt into a minimum distance of 3 mm. However, it is important to remember that smaller distances between the boards lead to an increased risk of boards colliding. We always recommend to follow national building standards.
  • How do you mount the boards against the wall?
    For a hidden assembly of a board that lies against the wall there is a smart little trick. Pre-assemble the board onto a shorter support beam using the Deck Pro tool. Further, insert the pre-assembled board against the wall and then attach the support beam to the primary beam.

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